Denpasar City

Relaxed spot where we started our Indonesian adventure.


A nice and arty place.

Kabupaten Badung

This area is highly recommendated for everyone who is interested in new ways of education and a inspiring place for people who are interested in bamboo architecture.


We spent a week here and it was a true haven. Being silent brings you new insights, inner peace, and has an regenerating effect. The atmosphere, the food, the area, and the people are great. Enjoy the daily meditation and Yoga.


Here we met our dive instructor Mangku. He's calm, experienced, and patient. A true scuba master who's eager to show and teach you all about enjoying the wonders of marine life. Next to this we hiked down to two enchanting waterfalls.

Buleleng Regency

First diving experience, clear view and a beautiful coral wall.

Tulamben Wreck Diver

Second diving spot, terrific wreck, perfectly situated just off the beach.

Amed Beach

Beautiful spot with magnificent surroundings. Just rent a scooter and explore the area.

Badung Regency

Perfect place to stay and enjoy the surrounding beaches. Rent a scooter a go explore.


We went here for our visa run. Nice city, well organized, and pretty expensive compared to other places in Asia. We took three days and strolled the diverse neighbourhoods.

Special Capital Region of Jakarta

Spent two days here, first stop of our Java tour.


The trainride to this city is worth your time. Going around in this town is not easy, so we spent only 3 days here.

Special Region of Yogyakarta

This trainride is beautiful, 8 hrs of lush green hills and ricefields.


We stayed here for a little less than a week. From here we explored the area on our rental scooter. This hostel is run by travelers, both local and international.

Borobudur Temple

We drove here for the sunrise from the hotel, not cheap, but certainly worth the money. Go see for yourself.


Take a tour and get enlightened about permaculture farming.


Stopover on our way to Bromo and Semeru National Park

Probolinggo City

Second stop on our way to Bromo and Semeru National Park.


Third stop on our way to Bromo and Semeru National Park.

East Java

Drop of at the western entrance of the park.


Finish of our first day of hiking in the National Park.


Overnight stay near park before sunrise tour Bromo.

East Java

Sunrise tour Bromo.


Pick up for Ijen-tour.

Bondowoso Regency

Overnight stay before Ijen-tour.


Start of our Ijen ascention. Enchanting surroundings. A unique experience.

Banyuwangi Regency

A tough hike up in the middle of the night to see the blue fire, sulfur miners, and beautiful lake.


Stay for 1 night.

Teluk Ambon

Start of our adventure in Maluku, bit of soul searching, and extention of our visa.

Saparua Island

Island where both my grandmother and grandfather were born. We spent 4 days here at Putih Lessi Indah, relaxed on the beach, did some snorkeling, and went on a daytrip to visit the villages my great grandparents were born.

Central Maluku Regency

Village where my grandmother was born.

Central Maluku Regency

Village where my great grandfather was born. A lot of Matatula's live here.

Central Maluku Regency

From this point we took a speed ferry to the Banda Islands.


Spent four days at this island and enjoyed it very much.

Banda Besar

Spice island tour, received a lot of information about the spices which are build on the islands, and the history of the VOC.

Central Maluku Regency

Spent 5 days on this beautiful and remote island. The perfect spot for relaxing, snorkeling, fishing, playing music, singing and enjoying the authentic island vibes. Be sure to stay at Supri's place, the people are so kind, hospitable and the food is amazing!

Central Maluku Regency

Sophia spent a couple of hours here on a snorkeling and island tour. Famous because this island was traded by the Dutch for New york with the British during the VOC-era.

Teluk Ambon

Stayed at Michael's Homestay close to the airport, we were staying here because we were waiting for an available flight to Bali. Spent 3 days here and celebrated Sophia 32 birthday in Ambon city.


Stopover after 8 hrs of delay on our way to Labuan Bajo.

West Manggarai Regency

Spent 4 days here together with Nadine, from here with did several daytrips to explore Komodo National Park and surrounding areas. Very nice.


Spotted the Komodo Dragon, and flying foxes.

Komodo National Park

Here we went for a snorkeling tour, did 3 dives and spotted an abundance of giant Manta Rays, bamboo sharks, beautiful hard and soft corals, and bottlenose dolphins.

West Manggarai Regency

Very nice to hire a scooter and explore the area. We visited this beautiful waterfall, it takes a good hour to reach this one, you will be guided by a local. You'll need it ;-)

Kabupaten Manggarai

One of the most impressive stops on our 6 day trip on Flores. This ancient village is situation in the mountains, it took us little less than 3 hours to hike up. We stayed here one night on Christmas Day. Quiete an experience.

Manggarai Regency

We spent 2 nights here. First one before Wae Rebo and we celebrated Nadine's 30th birthday. Second after Wae Rebo. We stayed in a Katholic Convent with the nons. Nice experience during Christmas. Next to this we went for a visit to the hot springs.

Ngada Regency

Stopover on our way to Moni, a little village near Gunung Kelimutu.

Ende Regency

After a long drive we stayed in Moni for 2 days and nights. Not really much to do, just close to Gunung Kelimutu, the Three Colored Lake Craters. One of the highlights of Flores.

Ende Regency

Here we stayed one day and one night, before we flew back to Bali. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset at one of the beaches. Stay in Ende to visit Kelimutu instead of Moni, here's more atmosphere.

Badung Regency

On the 31st of December we flew to Bali to celebrate NYE at the Old Mans beach club. It was a bit of a culture shock after two weeks in Maluku and Flores, but we had a great time. In total we stayed in Canggu for 10 days, our last days we spent together with our friend Chris. He came to visit us, very nice. We did some surfing at Pantai Batu Bolong, had great coffee at Satu Satu and enjoyed our time on the Island of Gods, Bali.

Special Capital Region of Jakarta

Here we spent our last 4 days with my father and relatives in Jakarta. This was a special time, because of the quality time I spend together with my father. We visited the grave of my grandfather and great grandmother, and other relatives. This was a real local experience, because we were staying with the family and we met a lot of other relatives, had great food and a lot of pictures taken together, kind of a tradition in Asia I presume.

Kuala Lumpur

Spent 4 days in a guesthouse in the Titiwangsa neighborhood. It was a nice stay, but we didn't do a lot while we were staying here. We took some rest, and fueled up for the next couple of weeks.

Petaling Jaya

Our first Workaway-project with Ken Choong, a very kind, open and informed Chinese-Malay man. We cleaned his house for several hours a day, and in return we could stay at his place for free, including some meals, entrance to the gym and swimming pool. Together with Ken we tasted a lot of Malaysian culture, this means food, movies, talks, parties, landmarks, and so on. In total we spent 1 week at his place. A very nice first encounter with Workaway.

Batu Caves

On Thaipusam we experienced these beautiful caves together with thousands of other people, both spectators and participants of this Hindu Festival. If you're around when this goes down, make sure you put this on your itinerary. Expect devoted Hindus bringing offerings in a way you've never experienced.


We spent 3 days in this green highland area, which is covered with lush green tea plants, strawberries, and all kinds of vegetables. We stayed in the Cameronian Inn, the perfect spot to explore this beautiful and cooler part of Malaysia, especially if you like to hike. We did trail 10, a 3 hour hike, which will take you to several nice view points. Enjoy!

George Town

Take at least 4 days to explore and wander the streets of this island city. Expect the best streetfood, urban art, and the biggest Chinese Buddhist temple. Hire a scooter a go explore the rest of the island. Be aware, it's hot in here.


We had a very relaxing week on this tropical island, we spotted the Dusky Leaf Monkeys (Brillangoer in Dutch), enjoyed the public beaches and the most touristic ride at the Cable Car, which brings you to one of the highest peaks of the main island. From here you have a marvelous view of the island and the surrounding islands. We stayed at the Sea Gypsy House, and Leena was our host. Very helpful, open, and kind, she helped us with a rental scooter and showed us the must see beaches, and told us where not to go, very helpful.

Kuala Lumpur

After our first Workaway-project Ken introduced us to Anne and C.T.. They have inherited a typical 70's Chinese-Malay house, and want to turn in to a guesthouse. So we are staying there and helping them out in this start-up fase. The place is called Oriental Heritage Malaysia, and will be on the market as soon as the permit is in the pocket. We are staying here for free and will leave for Australia on the 18 of February.

The Vines

Our first stay in Perth, enjoying our 3rd Workaway project at this lovely guesthouse. The place is run by Beth & Gordon, lovely and laidback people. The place is huge (for Dutch standards) and is a home for around 20 chickens, local ducks and a small family of kangaroos. We're exploring the surroundings with the complimentry car. Very nice first encounter Down Under.

Mount Lawley

We stayed at an AirBnb house in Mount Lawley, a suburb close to Perth CBD. We had a great stay here and enjoyed a Prince concert at the Perth Arena, did a day trip to Fremantle, had a walk in Kings Park, and met nice Australian people.


First stay in the vibrant city of Melbourne. We are staying in Alba's apartment with her house mates Aline & Guerric, very nice neighborhood. From here we are exploring the city and looking for a vehicle for our roadtrip Down Under.

Halls Gap

Our first stop while road tripping and camping with our new motorized travelbuddy, the Grampians. Here we spent a couple of days, hiking and enjoying the wildlife, kangaroos, cockatoos, emu's, and coockaburras. We met heaps (australian for 'a lot of') of great people and enjoyed our first encounter with a magnificent clear starry night and we could even see the Milky Way.


We camped out around this village and started our Great Ocean Road adventure.


Beautiful route to the lighthouse, we didn't actually visit the lighthouse because they asked an entrance fee of 19 AUD p.p., but on the way there we enjoyed the company of wild koalas. Truly remarkable animals.


The biggest tourist stop on this Great Ocean Road. Worth a visit for sure. The 12 Apostles ;-)

Bells Beach

We stopped here to watch the Ripcurl Pro Surfing Competition, but because there wasn't a good swell there were none. Enjoyed the beach though for a short while.


Spent one night here on our way to Yarra Valley. It's a quiet area. We decided to leave on behalf of the rainy weather though.

Coopers Creek

Beautiful scenic drive from the Macedon Ranges towards Coopers Creek. We cruised through Yarra Valley, ascended Mt. Baw Baw, and spent two days camping here. This place has a lot to offer if you like nature, hiking, kayaking, and reliving the early 1900s Gold Rush, in little villages like Walhalla.

Nowa Nowa

Had a one nighther at Pretty Sally, just Sophia, myself, our first bush campfire, and a nice sleep.


Here we stayed for one week and spent it at Ruth and Morgans organic cafe called Morganics. We helped them out with several jobs in the cafe and they gave us a great local experience. East Gippsland has a lot to offer if you like hiking in the rainforest, the beach or the mountains. Go explore and stop at Morganics for a good mug of organic coffee. As our hosts were both woodworkers they helped us out with building a bed and storage in the back of our travelbuddy. Ruth and Morgan Hanson, thanks for a great time.


Spent only one night here after exploring the south east part of East Gippsland. It's a remote area which is abundant with pristine rainforest. Worth a trip for sure. We had to move one because we had an appointment with Roos & Dop north of Canberra the next day.


Had the best night at the Mc Donalds ever, by far. Thanks for the company and all the tips for Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Queensland.


Went for a visit to the National Gallery of Australia and witnessed a lawsuit at the High Court. Had a lunch with a view of Capitol Hill.


Spent one night in this small village. This is one of the most relaxing places we've stayed in, in NSW. The best spot for exploring this area, which is scattered with nature like the waterfalls and beautiful scenic views. Unfortunately the Minnamurra Rainforest was closed for maintenance.

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