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1. You upload photos from your route

Photos taken using a camera with GPS support or phone are the best fit because TripToMap can read geotags and place all photos to the corresponding locations on the map.

Photos without geotags are supported too. With our special location detecting algorithm TripToMap will do the major part of work for you. You just need to select places you been and slightly correct the position of photos placed on the map automatically.

2. TripToMap creates a beautiful map for you

Every route is a great experience and if we want to pass maximum of it to someone else it is not enough to have just dots and lines on the map. That's why TripToMap creates a beautiful, interactive travel map filled with all the unique information about your route.

Photos, videos, time on the go, information about the best places of interest and best places to stay - all of this information and much more will be nicely displayed on your travel map.

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Travel map can be published on your blog using special HTML-code which works like HTML-code used to embed YouTube video.

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To draw more attention to your travel and help other travelers make your route public!

New Travel Routes

Peru trip
Peru trip
We took advantage of a great flight offer to explore Peru. Decided to visit as many places possible in 16 days instead of stopping for trekking as we are not sports type :) We did daily trips to everything and had plenty of time, didn't feel like we were in a rush. Essentials: take with you or buy some paracetamol as you'll need from Arequipa onwards if you feel like you have a bit of altitude sickness!
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Created 5/17/19
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Created 4/28/19
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Created 3/19/19