About Us

At TripToMap.com we all have something in common, which happens to be our passion for traveling.

For many years we share our travel plans with the circle of close friends who to our best of luck are also travelers. We check routes with those who had already been to specific places. Sharing our experience after the route is probably even more important, because that’s how we save our friends' precious time and help them to prepare for the next exciting route.

Sharing is caring! We always end up with having amazing time on the go. Now we want to widen our community and go beyond the circle of our close friends.

With TripToMap you can find an inspiration for your next route, or some cool travel ideas. You are invited to share routes you’ve created and tested yourself. Go help others and let others help you.

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Our Team

Peter Liapin
Founder & CEO

While traveling the world, I bring new ideas to our team, plan the strategy and development direction for TripToMap.
Ilya Sadykov
Co-founder & CTO

I like traveling through the unusual places. My life is closely related with Linux, Java and server-side development.
Boris Serdyuk
Co-founder & Front-End

Exploring the world, dreams to make it a better. Now develops frontend for TripToMap and makes wonderful things with every release.

The Most Active Travellers

Vadim Jourdan
St. Petersburg

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